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Pampers Nappies

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It is easy to head off to the local supermarket or department store to buy disposable nappies. Any brand will work. Pampers, due to the materials used, the expertise of the maker, garment design and long term sensible pricing are a much better option.

If you are thinking of changing from another product or want to try Pampers for yourself, Rain Check can help.  Sales have been strong through our sister online shop and we have not had any complaints or returns at all. Explore the options at Pampers. Their are low cost sample nappy packs available.

At Rain Check, the World`s biggest selling disposable nappy brand is available to keep babies snug and dry.

Around 75% of UK parents choose Pampers™ over any other brand because they provide the best comfort, fit, flexibility and absorbency for your baby. Pampers Nappy products are also lightweight and ultra slim, taking up minimal space compared to other nappy brands.

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Pampers Disposable Nappies

Sample Packs

To help you in selecting the right nappy/size combination for your child we offer a range of sample packs based on weight ranges.   You can buy as many as you want for a small fee and all are shipped freight free.

The packs are all hand-packed at our warehouse and occasionally if a particular nappy size is out of stock we reserve the right to change it for the nearest available.

Due to the high costs associated in packaging and freighting these packs we are unable to provide complimentary packs. Find out more

About Pampers Nappies

All Pampers nappies provide outstanding comfort and absorbency both day and night, however each range offers additional features:

New Baby - New Baby nappies have Total Care Technology, which means that the nappies are extra soft and can absorb the runny poo associated with younger babies.

Baby Dry - Designed to help give your baby undisturbed sleep, Pampers® Baby-Dry has the Extra Sleep-Layer™. It`s an extra layer of protection that helps lock wetness away for up to 12 hours. These excellent value nappies are also suitable for day time use.

Active Fit - Stretches to fit where your baby or toddler needs it most. The 3-way fit ensures comfort and dryness whether your little ones are shuffling, rolling, crawling or running about.

Simply Dry - Trusted Pampers dryness and cleanliness at an affordable price.

Easy Ups - with the unique Extra-Dry Layer these pull up pants let your child stand on their feet! They go up like pants – and work like Pampers.

Underjams - UnderJams pyjama pants give your child all the privacy and protection they need if they tend to wet the bed. They`re specially designed with an absorbent core to help protect from leaks, and are made from quiet materials to reduce any embarassing`rustling`sound. Buy Pampers Nappies

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Pampers Nappies

It is easy to head off to the local supermarket or department store to buy disposable nappies. Any brand will work. Pampers, due to the materials ... Read more

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