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Five alternative and cost-effective ways to get your brand noticed

  • Written by News Company

Having a great logo, colours and design is the first part of building your company brand and profile. After that though, it is about finding ways to position your brand with your target market in the right way. In short, it is all about being noticed in the context and location in which you are trying to establish your company. While there are standard ways to do brand signage, there are also several ways to get brand exposure in more interesting ways, alternative avenues that are more likely to get people talking. Go to the events and places where your target market hangs out and walk around. Look for inspiration on ways to get your brand noticed. Look for surfaces that get lots of attention or exposure. Here are some interesting branding opportunities to consider.


Casting shadows

Umbrellas for all occasions. Umbrellas and gazebos are great ways that serve a purpose but get noticed easily. There are different styles and purposes for market umbrellas. Shade for business stands or customers at outside cafes on patios or decks will bring people to your umbrella. Look for market umbrellas Brisbane to find a provider who will supply both the product and the branding that you require.


Inject caffeine

Consider coasters and coffee holders as a subtle place for an injection of branding at a place where people feel happy and sociable. Coffee lightens many people’s day, so align your advertising with this. Coasters can be used both on the coffee table and at the bar with an ice-cold beer. If you want to invest a little more and get a little extra mileage make reusable coffee holders that can be taken home and used again on other occasions.


Creating a barrier

Events often need barrier tape to mark off parking, stands, areas, and spaces. If the barrier tape is branded this serves both the purpose of demarcating an area as well as putting your brand in the space where you want to be noticed. If you create adhesive tape, it can also be used at events where cables and other such equipment needs to be taped down.


Get sporty

Offering sporting giveaways is an interesting one to consider. You may think your company doesn’t do sports but think about the people who play sports. Do you want them to be customers buying from you? Do they have the market value you are looking for? Then your brand most certainly works in the sporting spaces. Tourist bicycle rentals offer a little bit of branding space that is fun to use. Some of the sports giveaways that work well especially at sports events are sweatbands, shirts, bandanas, hats, balls, and frisbees. Or even sponsor a local sports team.


Satellite dishes

A surprising place to put your branding is painted on the inside of satellite dishes on a busy street or one that looks out onto the highway where there is lots of traffic exposure. This is only effective if there are rows and rows of satellite dishes to make it stand out, be noticed and look effective.