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Modern necessity: why your financial brand needs a content marketing strategy

It’s almost 2022, and long gone are the days of saying the digital era is almost upon us. We are in the digital era right now, and no business can thrive - or even survive - without a winning content marketing strategy.

You can go on to break that notion down into the sum of its parts, with content marketing not only helping you survive, but helping you win customers across a range of important metrics.

Here are five reasons your business needs content marketing financial services:

  1. It makes your brand trustworthy

There is nothing more off putting for a potential customer than coming to a brand website or social channel only to find it looks like it hasn’t been updated in 10 years.

It’s like walking into the digital equivalent of an abandoned house - it’s eerie and makes you not want to return. What’s more inviting than an abandoned house? A fresh, well-maintained house, with new artwork, floral arrangements - you get the picture.

A consistently updated content marketing strategy lets the customer know that you’re serious about your business, you love what you do, you know all about your business and that you are happy to share that information with your clients.

  1. Your audience wants content

Modern business has changed, and is largely reliant on producing consistent, engaging content for your audience to digest. Creating stellar content is part of creating an outstanding customer experience, and customers trust brands that publish consistent content as opposed to those who don’t.

What’s more, it can easily be your first “in” with a new customer: if they see that you’re a brand who has a passion for posting and has knowledge about their product then you can only assume they will have you on their radar.

  1. You’ll improve your social media following

Finding brand followers is the easy part; the real difficulty lies in creating interesting, unique content that followers are thrilled to watch and resonate with. Many business owners acquire a social media following only to end up scratching their heads about the lack of engagement with their socials.

This typically comes down to the brand not posting enough engaging content on their social channels, instead simply relying on the fact that they have the social following.

Content marketing services allow you to step up your social media game and win conversions through channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

  1. It’s outstanding for conversions

Following on from the last point, a customer that trusts your brand and sees that it’s one that doesn’t mind updating its content is a customer that is highly likely to convert with your brand.

If you’re providing them with the info they need to make an informed purchase decision then they are going to remember your brand as one that can provide a quality product.

  1. It makes you an industry authority

Financial services, for the average person, can be highly confusing. Therefore, they will want a business who can provide them with the info they need in a clear, concise manner.

This will not only once again make you trustworthy to the potential client, but it will also make your company an authority on industry knowledge and insights - something that is vital for getting through the thick of financial jargon.

So, what are you waiting for? Content marketing financial services are the way to go for any financial company looking to make their brand the one that clients turn to for a top service.

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