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Fabulous films: 5 reasons why you should have wedding cinematography

Wedding cinematography has come a very long way since the days of your Aunty Madge taking some grainy 90s vid on a camcorder. Today, the results are some of the most popular special day keepsakes, ensuring the loving couple, their friends and family have a stunning moving memento of what is always a joyous occasion.

The best wedding cinematography Sydney has available comprises high production, illuminating films that truly capture the day’s love, fun and frivolity, with a special result that you are sure to cherish for many years to come!

So, with this in mind, we thought we would make the case for why you might want to go with a special day feature film instead of the classic photography album:

  1. It goes beyond the photography perspective

Whilst photography is, of course, another wonderful memento of this special day (they work very well together!), the movie has the potential to create something special, something completely different to what you would have received if you just went down the photography route!

A creative, highly talented videographer can create a memento in a style that reflects the day’s joy but in a different way: it could end up being in a movie trailer style, documentary cuts, even something like The Office - the choice is yours, really!

  1. You can cover the whole event

When you only enlist a photographer’s services, the perspective is limited to the select frames they chose to return to you. Whilst this is also great, it’s also a wonderful idea to have a special filmed memento of the special day.

This is because with videography you can easily cover so much more of the special day in a way that adds to the fun of the occasion. This can include interviews with loved ones, the nuptials and, of course, that all-important first dance!

  1. You can customise the service

When you create wedding day films, you’ll find that professionals allow you to create a customised package that suits your requirements. This not only makes budgeting for it much easier, but also makes it ideal for producing the film that you want to see as the end result.

There are so many special features you can add to the service, including remixes and other fun features that continue the video’s enjoyment years down the track, making it a very exciting way to document this most special of occasions.

  1. You can get a real-time look at the outcome

If you simply can’t wait (and we wouldn’t blame you!) to get an idea of how the video will turn out, you can ask your videographer to play back some of the exciting footage on the special day itself.

  1. You can get a different view of your own wedding

Because you can’t be everywhere on your special day, you may want to see how some of your loved ones enjoyed the occasion, too! With films, you can get a whole new perspective of your own special day, seeing how others enjoyed the joyous occasion and why it was such an important occasion for everyone involved.

The love and heartwarming feelings that come from this added bonus are incomparable, really…

For these reasons, we think this service is a wonderful option to have alongside your photography package. I mean, who doesn’t want to look back and smile at the moving image of such a beautiful occasion, as wedding?

It’s the best way to commemorate it…

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