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Design your own monogrammed or personalised bag

  • Written by Greg Rogers


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Mon Purse allows customers to build and design their own bespoke handbags with an online 3D bag-builder at non-luxury prices.

Mon Purse gives anyone access to custom made accessories with the choice of everything from leather and colour to texture and interior lining, including adding the monogram that's proven so popular with the front-row set. Made in Istanbul with European leather, the customised bags are then shipped to their respective purchasers.

Mon Purse puts the control entirely in the customer's hands.

Founded by Australian entrepreneur Lana Hopkins in 2014, Mon Purse invites customers to design every part of a handbag from scratch using a 3D bag maker on the brand's website or on a screen in a department store.


In an interview with Fast Company Lana Hopkins said, "When a customer has the opportunity to design her own handbag, in the case of Mon Purse, she's making a conscious effort to create a unique product that reflects her personal style and psychology. That's an investment in self-expression and time, which increases her bond with it."

"The customer should leave feeling that she created exactly the product that she wants, something that is very much in fashion, but that also reflects her style perfectly."

"From a retailer perspective, custom design presents an ingenuous way to rectify the problem of holding inventory, making educated guesses, and getting caught up in the markdown and promotion cycle,"

"We are no longer guessing what customers want, instead we allow them to tell us what it is they actually need. It's a customer-centric mentality."

Mon Purse arranges for the manufacture of the customer's design and delivers the finished unique product in four weeks.

About Mon Purse

Realise your statement in style, from personalisation to bespoke design

From customised details to bespoke design, personalisation instantly lends finesse. Don't wait for the fashion icons to appear, create the handbag you've been searching for. Specialising in European quality with individual design, Mon Purse is so much more than monogramming — it's about the language of personal style.

We are so many things. We carry our life in our bag.

Designed by you, made in Europe, and worn around the world, this is Mon Purse. Design and monogram your handbags and leather goods.

We believe every woman should own a bag that she truly loves.

Because really, why would you pay for one that you didn’t? If kids can build their own bears and men can customise their own Nikes, why can’t women design their own bags?

We travelled the world to find our tanneries and atelier, hand selecting quality leathers and raw materials, and working with generational craftsmen. We brought the process to you. Quality leather handbags and leather goods delivered to your door. Your purse, your way.

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Design your own monogrammed or personalised bag

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