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The Reasons Why Consumers Shop Online Instead of in Stores

  • Written by Lilly Miller

The internet has revolutionized many things, and shopping is one of them. Many people have made the shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shops because of the valuable benefits they provide. The World Wide Web has become the go-to shopping source with physical stores leading in only one category: household essentials like groceries. Online shopping is winning even in furnishings. 

Check out the most cited reasons why people are changing the traditional means of shopping for e-commerce. 

Review and compare stores and products online

Reviewing and comparing heaps of stores and products at the same time is the most cited reason why consumers prefer shopping online to visiting physical stores. Traveling from one store to the other is falling behind browsing pages to compare the stores and prices from the comfort of their homes

Web stores provide the possibility of comparing prices, quality, and features– and you can do it in no time. Savvy online shoppers also look for recommendations and reviews on products they are interested in.

Discretion and anonymity

Shoppers are turning to the internet more than ever because it’s more convenient and also provides discretion and anonymity. Although we live in quite open-minded times, some things are still taboo, and people value privacy, which is cherished the most among people wanting to add more spice to their love life. Many of them resort to online search since staying anonymous is much more comfortable with adult e-commerce, as anonymity is valued high in online adult shop businesses. Most of them offer unmarked cardboard boxes to provide their customers with discretion. 

Wider choice

Let’s talk about another advantage – you can find anything online. Webshops provide a broader selection in comparison to physical retailers. Take Amazon, for instance. This website was launched as a book store but quickly expanded into a dozen other categories and became the world’s largest retailer. A more extensive range of products is the reason why so many people turn to online shops, and for people living in small towns, e-commerce is heaven-sent. When all you have nearby are a couple of shops, finding your size or an organic face cream becomes a challenge. Instead of filling your car with gas and driving for hours to reach the nearest mall, you get to sit in your favorite chair and finish shopping in a matter of minutes.

Competitive prices

A shopper looking for better rates is nothing out of the ordinary. And that’s where the web beats traditional shopping once again - it allows comparing prices in the blink of an eye. And the buyers have found a way to touch, feel, and try out the merchandise and still hunt for bargains online. They visit offline stores first, find the product they want and browse online for the best price. Many websites and webshops are offering “online-only” discounts. And let’s not forget about the biggest online shopping day of the year - Cyber Monday, when even some great brand names slash out prices. It is the perfect time to buy things online, and you are spared from annoying Black Friday crowds.

Reviews and recommendations from other shoppers 

Online reviews have a crucial role when it comes to purchasing decisions. If you haven’t heard about the importance of social proof online, consider this: according to a study, almost 90 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from their friends and family! Advertisers are losing trust, and consumers don’t believe everything they say anymore. They are looking for other reliable sources of information. As it turns out, reviews from unknown internet users are seen as trustworthy and used to make purchasing (and other) decisions. 

Savings in time 

In these hectic times, people realize the value of the only thing you cannot preserve or buy – time. With busy schedules and almost no time for themselves, it is no wonder everybody is looking for ways to save time. Although there is no immediate gratification in online shopping – you have to wait for the product to arrive, it is less time consuming, and that’s why more and more people prefer this form of buying. When compared to traditional shopping in how much it takes to consider the prices, availability, size, and other relevant features, online shopping is way more efficient. 

A more convenient way of finding what you need

More “me time” and no pushy people? No wonder e-commerce businesses are a success. Greater convenience is another reason behind the popularity of online shops. There are no pushy salespeople online and no lines. You get to browse pages at your own pace in your PJs while sipping your favorite herbal tea (or hiding from your kids). Through online shopping, disabled people won't need to meet the struggles of going to their apartment and queuing in stores. Moreover, some of their valid purchases from accredited online sellers may be covered by their NDIS funds. And if you are a night bird, you can browse all night if you like. E-commerce is open 24/7 without lines, crowding, or annoying employees. Just think of the crowds during the festive season. 

Although there are some security concerns, digital experiences provide some real perks. And with e-commerce owners thinking of ways to provide even better online shopping experience and attract even more buyers, things can only get better for the online market. 

Rain Check Shopping

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