Rain Check.

Content Marketing

Partner Benefits:

We work with your team to develop a collection of high quality articles and or infographics about your business and business category.

We publish bi-weekly content on the Businesses.com.au blog and promote this content to our users via social media and email marketing.

We syndicate content to authoritative partner sites and co-promote this content to our collective fans and followers.

We leverage content marketing to support your search, social, branding and customer acquisition goals.

Results are significant due to the diversity of high quality sites referencing your content,the diversity of social signals generated by promotion across multiple social platforms, and the evergreen nature of the campaign.

We showcase your product or service globally on MyRainCheck.com

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Do you offer deals and discounts on business products and services?

Are you interested in getting them in front of consumers and business members?

Our Rain Check Showcase is the way to go. Discuss ad free features and our consumer and business member email marketing options.