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Make Money on YouTube Without Ever Showing Your Face on Camera

These days it seems that everyone is a vlogger, and thousands of people are making YouTube their primary source of income. If you’re camera-shy like me, you may think that YouTube is not for you. Don’t be discouraged; with the tips from this article, we’ll show you ways to get famous on YouTube without ever getting in front of a camera. 

Tips on Boosting Your YouTube Channel

Before we give you ideas on content you can create without showing on camera, these are a few tips for growing your channel easily. 

  • You can buy YouTube views to help beat the algorithm and direct more organic traffic towards your channel. The algorithm favors channels with more engagement from viewers, so it will recommend your channel to new viewers. 
  • Make sure you post frequently and regularly to keep your fans waiting for your videos at specific intervals. 
  • Optimize your videos for SEO in every way possible. This can be done easily by captioning your videos (avoid auto-generated subtitles), using appropriate keywords in the title and description for your videos.
  • Make sure the feature photo of your video is eye-catching. Users are more likely to open up a recommended video if they like what they see from the preview.
  • Analyze competing channels to see what they are doing wrong or right. They can show you mistakes to learn from or act as a source of inspiration. 

No Camera Ideas for YouTube

These are our ideas for creating a successful YouTube channel without resorting to getting in front of a camera. 

Food Commentary

You’ve probably already heard about Kalen Allen and his extravagant ways of commenting on food videos. There are millions of food channels online. If you know a thing or two about food, it’s relatively easy to create a channel based on commenting on food videos. All you would need is a decent microphone and a quiet room. Don’t worry about finding videos to comment on because once you get started, your viewers will probably send you suggestions. 

Educational Content 

If you are passionate about a certain subject and think that you can help students and other interested viewers understand it better, why not create a channel about it? You may choose the most convenient way to illustrate your explanation, graphics, videos, or even stop motion videos. The specifics depend on the topic you choose and how creative you can get. 

Children’s Toy Reviews

Open up YouTube Kids, and you’ll be surprised to find there are millions of videos targeting children that are made by amateur videographers playing with toys. All you need is a background (plain is preferable) and some new toys to play around with. Add music and a few educational sentences (like the colors of toys or counting numbers), and you’re all set. 

Drone Video Feed

If you don’t think you’re up to speaking at all and aren’t sure you have what it takes to keep a one-sided conversation interesting, there’s still an option. People love watching videos from high altitudes that are filmed by a drone camera. Buy a drone without your budget and learn how to control it properly. Now all you need is to find interesting views to record and share on YouTube.

Dashboard Camera

Oddly enough, many people like to watch YouTube videos from the point of view of a driver, going from one place to the next. This requires a car, interesting scenic routes, a dashcam, and maybe some background music. 

Create a Cartoon 

If you have any graphic design skills, you can create animations (even simple ones) and produce a cartoon. There is no need for Pixar-level animation here; anything will do as long as you make it interesting.

For people who think they can’t handle graphic design, there is still another way to create cartoons. Stop motion videos are relatively easy to create using a smartphone, so you can use clay figurines and a voice-over to produce an elaborate cartoon. This was the idea behind the popular British cartoon Shaun The Sheep, so you know it has potential as long as the story is good.

As you can see, there are many ways to join YouTube without the need to show yourself on camera. All it needs is a little bit of creativity and hard work. 

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