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Bringing in customers: how to make your shop front stand out

There are many different kinds of advertising, with each one incorporating a medium to help attract the customer’s attention. You have digital advertising, catalogues, billboards, television, the list goes on…

Whilst we may not immediately think of it when we think about advertising methods, having an elegant shop front is one of the best ways to attract customers who physically pass by your store.

The important thing is to ensure your shop front displays your product in a way that would make them want to come in, check out what you’ve got and make a purchase.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your shop front stand out, from merchandising to having the right commercial shop front doors and more.

  1. Place products at eye level

This may seem simple, even silly, but the subtle psychology of having your products displayed at eye level is vital for catching a customer’s attention. Think about it: when you find yourself passing a shop window do you really want to spend the whole time bobbing up and down and bending over to see what the store has to offer? It’s enough to make you want to just keep moving!

Keep your products displayed at eye level so that your customers can easily browse them.

  1. Create a stylish design

There is nothing more off-putting to a potential customer than an outdated, scruffy shop front. If your shop front looks like it’s part of a disused business - you’ve got a serious problem. It’s vitally important that your customer knows that you take pride in your business front as this is one of the ways they begin to trust that you have the best product. Update your signage, install high quality glass and doors and give it the occasional clean so your customers know it’s an inviting store to enter!

  1. Shed some light on it

No one wants to see a dark, dingy store front - if anything it just looks scary! Instead, why not brighten up your shop by installing some elegant overhead lights? These lights can be used simply to brighten up the shop front or to even shed light on specific products. Either way, brightening up your display is one of the best ways to attract the customer’s attention as well as to invite them into your store.

  1. Update your display

If you have regular visiting customers or customers that come past every day or so, why not keep up the element of surprise by regularly updating your shop front?​​ This works well as your customers will know you take your business, and its industry, seriously and are always updating your product range with new, exciting goods.

  1. Tell the story

This is one of the most important aspects of modern marketing: telling your brand’s story. Your customer wants to resonate with your brand and the products you sell - this can be done in a variety of methods including digital marketing.

But you can also do it in your shop front. Create a scene for your customers to enjoy, something that will have them look at your product and start thinking how it will fit into their lives, into their homes etc.

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to stylising your shop front: be sure to ensure it is clean, well-lit, tells a story and is regularly updated - this way you will have a much greater chance of bringing in customers than the competition who failed to do the same!

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