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8 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Children's Creativity

Parents mostly think creativity is a gift from birth, but it’s actually a skill that can be nurtured through encouragement and environment. Creativity comes in many shapes (drawing, writing, dancing, acting, crafting…) and kids with strong creative skills usually perform better at school and in life, with a positive self-image. So, it’s probably clear to you just how important it is to nurture your kids’ creativity, but how do you do that? Here are some simple ways to spark and encourage creativity in kids:

Stock up on creative resources

Most creative activities don’t require any tools, drawing, painting, writing, crafting and such do, so make sure to always have plenty of paper, pens, crayons and crafting items at home. Store these resources somewhere easily accessible to your kid so they can express themselves when the inspiration hits. Your budget doesn’t need to be big—just save some old cardboard and scrap paper and give your kid inexpensive markers and masking tape.

Buy open-ended toys

Open-ended toys provide kids with an endless amount of creative possibilities. Think building blocks, dolls, toy animals, costumes, balls, arts and crafts, etc. These can be used many times for different things which will encourage imagination practice.

Change the environment

Kids get bored pretty fast, so asking them to be creative in their room all the time will not bring satisfying results. Instead, you can mix it up by taking their toys to the backyard, hitting the park, going for walks, visiting museums and other cool environments that might spark their imagination.

Pick the right childcare institution

If your kids are spending time in daycare, make sure to choose the right one that will not only provide them with all the tools necessary for creative development but also have the staff ready to motivate kids. Try to find a place that offers holistic childcare in Sydney and covers the ‘full development’ of the child. Places like that display and document kids’ thinking and make their progress visible with different props. Also, with their big rooms, your kids will come in contact with children of different backgrounds, cultures and races which will broaden their horizons and spark their creativity.

Provide them with plenty of time

Structured playtime is often too limiting—you can’t expect kids to be creative when you want it. Instead of setting a limit of time for play and creativity, allow them a couple of hours a day with zero to little structure so kids can develop a creative mindset without pressure. Creativity needs to fly freely, so loosen up your time constraints.

Try role play

Here’s a fantastic way to spark your kids’ imagination and encourage creativity: role play! This activity is not only super fun, but it can also exercise kids’ problem-solving skills, vocabulary, writing skills and everything in between. Need some ideas for role play? Try playing doctor/patient, police officer/robber, shop manager/customer, teacher/student, etc. Opting for imaginary professions and beings will additionally help kids reach their full potential.

Ask the right questions

Push your kid in the right direction by asking the right questions. This encourages creativity but also inspires kids to ask their own questions. Here are some open-ended questions to ask when playing, acting or doing experiments with your child: “What do you think will happen now? Why did you do it like that? What is easier, this or that? How can you do that differently?”

Let them learn from your example

Kids are like little sponges—they soak up and remember everything they see. So make sure to lead by example, exercise your creativity and your kids will want to do the same. This shows that everyone can be creative and there are many ways to practice that skill. Include kids into your creativity exercises (rearranging furniture, gardening, painting a picture for the bedroom, fixing things…) and show them your creative process.

As a parent, you can spark your kids’ creativity in many ways. With some easy work, your kids will get to exercise their imagination and develop skills they will cherish for a lifetime.

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