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The best choice: 7 features of a top quality garage

The great Aussie garage is a staple in the standalone home. Whether it’s protecting your car, your precious goods, or doubling as a home DIY space, you’ll essentially never see an Aussie home without one of these ubiquitous appendages!

But not all designs are the same, and some higher quality features than others. If you’re looking for the best garage sheds Melbourne has available, ensure they come with the following tip top features:

  1. Windows

Because there is nothing as grim as a dark and dingy garage shed. Windows are one of the best additions to this structure as they allow in the light for when you want to park the car or for if you’re using the space to build or create. Windows offer a custom look that is truly inviting, ensuring this space (which does get used often) isn’t swallowed in the grey.

  1. Spruce up the floor

Sure, concrete is the original choice, but did you know you can truly source up this space’s floor by choosing a different building material? One material that is super durable and also looks amazing is that of epoxy resin, a material that will give your floor a stunning look whilst being able to withstand the pressure of different vehicles as well as your other household items!

  1. Set up a sink

If you plan to be doing a lot of DIYing in your space, why not ensure that you don’t take any of that mess back into the house by setting up a sink space. It may sound a bit superfluous, but many homeowners who have a sink appendage in their space always end up commenting on how convenient it is, especially after they’ve been working hard and may otherwise mess up the house without one…

  1. Storage space

Because where would the humble Aussie garage be without space to put everything?! We Australians love working in this space, whether we’re building something new for the home or creating a work of art, so it’s important that we have a place where we can put all of our things without the fear of messing up the place!

  1. Electrify it

Because there’s no point in having a home DIY space if you’re unable to see anything! And, whilst the addition of windows might be one of the best things for this space, what about those grey weekend days when all you want to do is get in the garage and focus your attention on creating something awesome? What’s more, electricity will amplify anything else you need for the space, from power tools to speaker systems, refrigeration and more!

  1. Speaking of which…

What can be more fun for a DIY lover than being out in this space, building something fantastic for the home? Doing it with music, of course! Set your space up with a high quality audio solution, one that will allow the music, footy, cricket or whatever to play freely as you go to work on building that new door frame or the kid’s skate ramp.

  1. And, of course, the work bench…

Because in garage always needs a work bench for getting things done. In fact, you won’t see too many of these structures in Australia without a high quality - or rugged old - workbench sitting proudly in the centre back, ready to be utilised in all their thing-building glory. Whatever it is your making, the reliable workbench always has your back - good on the workbench!

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