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5 Tips for Your Next Roof Renovation

Roof renovation is one of the biggest home improvement projects that you can engage in. First of all, it’s a massive surface that affects the first impression that your home makes and plays a key factor in the overall appearance of your home. Second, about 25% of all heat leaves your home via the roof, which is why it’s pivotal for your energy efficiency and utility bill. Finally, it keeps the contents of your home safe and dry, which is its primary function. If you decide to engage in roof renovation for any or all of these reasons, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Is it necessary?

The first question you need to ask is whether the roofing is actually your best option. Look at it this way, remodeling your roof is a costly affair. Just stripping off old roofing can cost $3 per square foot, provided that the composition is made of basic shingles. Not to mention the cost of buying new materials and hiring someone to handle the task. Even doing it on your own is time-consuming, costly and dangerous. So, it’s important that you properly assess the situation in question. Even getting some outside consulting might not be the worst of ideas here.

  1. Set up for cleanup

The next thing you need to focus on is the debris and the subsequent cleanup of the surroundings. For instance, if you have any landscaping around, it’s a good idea to cover it with reinforced plastic traps. This will protect them from the fall damage but also allow you n easy cleanup. Plywood (ideally lean sheets) can be used to protect windows and doors. The same thing goes for electrical fixtures. Covering ventilation holes and protecting the drain is just as important. It’s not just about preventing clogging of this important element but also about having an easier time scraping it all.

  1. Get the right equipment

The next item on the list is getting the right equipment for the job. If you’ve decided to hire professionals, the chances are that they’ll already bring their own equipment. Nonetheless, for a DIY task, it’s essential that you update your inventory. In order to facilitate your work, you might also want to acquire a tear-off shovel. A push-broom is another handy addition to your inventory that will save your back and help you wrap it all up a lot quicker. Moreover, equipment like temporary roof anchors can make your job so much easier.

  1. Upgrading roof material

Replacing your shingles is probably the best opportunity you’ll ever have to upgrade the roof material. This is an expensive project, which means that you probably lack the funds for it while you’re buying or constructing a home. Standalone, on the other hand, is a lot easier to handle the cost of this project. As a result, you get to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, improve its energy efficiency and, overall, rejuvenate the place. Keep in mind that this will also have a major effect on the overall resale value of the place. This alone is something that you shouldn’t underestimate.

  1. Focus on the safety

There are numerous safety concerns that you need to think about, as well. For instance, you will need some PPE equipment like safety belts and ropes. Sure, the footing may look safe and even feel safe at the moment, but once you try moving around a bit, the situation may change. Moreover, while it’s clear that you shouldn’t be roofing while it’s raining, it’s just as dangerous to work on a wet roof. Finally, if there are any overhead power lines, you need to be aware of this and avoid them at all times.

These five tips can help you prepare for the basics of your next roof renovation. Staying safe and having all the right tools will facilitate things and help with the execution. Still, roof remodeling is also a matter of planning and budgeting. It’s a serious matter that requires serious consideration.

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