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How to prepare for a smooth facelift recovery

So, you’ve found a highly recommended plastic surgeon and are about to have a facelift - good for you! But before you head into the clinic, it’s important to be aware of a few things you should do post-surgery to ensure your recovery is smooth and comfortable.

Your facelift surgeon in Sydney will take every step to minimise any procedural risks, but it’s important to further take care of yourself once the surgery is done and you head home to relax. Make sure you follow these tips so that you don’t incur any unwanted complications after your facelift.

What you have to do for a smooth recovery

Be sure to follow these steps to make the recovery phase a breeze:

  1. Listen to your plastic surgeon - they certainly know what they are talking about. If you find yourself enquiring about taking medications that are on the “don’t take” list or wanting to get back in the gym earlier than advised - take a moment to think about it. These measures are in place for your safety, and are designed to make the recovery process easier!

  2. Prepare your home for recovery by arranging a recline, caretaker and/or pre-cooked meals before heading in for surgery. This way, you won’t be over-exerting yourself when you should be taking it easy.

  3. If you are undergoing outpatient surgery, ensure you have a friend to pick you up when it is time to head home.

  4. Arrange for someone to take care of any loved ones that you may usually take care of yourself.

  5. Be patient - the healing process takes time. Scars are pink when healing, swelling takes time to reduce and your final results may take a few weeks or months to eventuate.

  6. Be sure to call your facelift surgeon if you have any questions throughout the healing process.

Facelift surgery can be an emotionally intense time, and many people said they have experienced emotional ups and downs throughout recovery - this is totally fine! You can express your feelings to surgery staff as it’s part of their job to support you on your way to recovery.

If you are concerned about mismatching or uneven features, ask about them at your post-surgery check up. Your surgeon can help you distinguish between anything that occurs naturally so that you can be sure they didn’t result from surgery.

Preparing yourself mentally for facelift surgery

Patients who end up the most happy with their results typically go into surgery with realistic expectations. The more informed you are about your beauty surgery, the more likely it is that you will be absolutely thrilled with the results. Plastic surgeons can change your aesthetic appearances, but they can’t change your underlying symmetry, tissue tone or genetics, so be sure that you are aware of what the operation entails before heading in.

This includes viewing before and after photos. Many people view before and after photos and think they will have the exact same results as the person in the photo. However, if the skin has already aged more than the person in the photos it is unlikely you will achieve the exact same results.

But most of all, be excited!

This may sound like a bit to take on before your surgery, but trust - the better understanding you have regarding your surgery the greater the chance you will be comfortable in recovery and happy with your results.

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