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Exploring Mediterranean Lifestyle: 7 Best Places to Live

  • Written by Lilly Miller

The list of best places to live in the Mediterranean is long and versatile. Actually, living in this area sounds and looks like a dream. While there are very exclusive destinations with lux properties, there are also spots that are affordable for every wallet. The property prices are competitive and some are even a true bargain! Taking many factors into consideration, here are the best places to live in the Mediterranean.


This destination is one of the most exclusive ones. Monaco is home of the famous Grand Prix, Monaco Yacht Show, many casinos and party spots and other life’s greatest pleasures. Naturally, you can find some of the most expensive and luxurious waterfront estates here. While most apartments you’ll come across are located in the city center, there are exclusive waterfront houses overlooking the popular Larvotto Beach.

While waterfront properties have their charm, Monte Carlo’s greatest charm lies in the city center, since that’s where the action takes place. In order to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle yet get a taste of the unique culture, you can opt for a contemporary apartment residence in the Golden Square with a nice view of the Mediterranean Sea.


The Republic of Malta is a small group of islands in the Mediterranean, located just south of Italy. Ever since the civilization started getting into wars, this destination has been a key strategic military position. While the islands have some pretty exclusive properties, the costs of living in Malta are lower than in most major cities in the U.S. and many European cities. If you’re a fan of healthy living, just know that you can find reasonably priced fresh produce available, while the supermarkets have all the most important imported favorites. Due to the small size of the island, owning a car is not necessary. It’s not even recommended, since Malta has one of the highest gas prices in the Mediterranean.

Sicily, Italy

Most people have a distorted image of Sicily in their minds due to gangsters portrayed in the movies. But in reality, Sicily is one of the safest places to live in the Mediterranean and one of favourite European ports. This island south of Italy is populated with people with a strong national identity, but in general, everyone is friendly and welcoming. If you choose to buy a property here, you can get a long-term visa easily. And the houses are fairly affordable (it’s not hard to find a 2-3 bedroom property with a sea view for somewhere around $200,000).

Also, eating out is a very good experience suitable for every wallet, and if you enjoy fresh produce,you will end up with an affordable bill. It’s a true foodie heaven—Forbes even named Sicily as “The Street Food Capital of Europe” in 2015.

Boka Bay, Montenegro

If you’re looking to live in a top yachting destination, you will rarely find one as memorable and exciting as Montenegro. Located on the Adriatic Sea, this small country is home to charming yet lux seaside towns brimming with culture and natural scenery. If you’re looking to purchase your second home in Montenegro, you will be greeted with a lux residential collection. For instance, Elena and Regent residences boast a waterfront location, beautiful design and many services that will come in handy to any family or single person. Due to Covid-19 outbreak, these waterfront properties have confirmed their appeal as people seek to transform their lifestyles and enjoy a better quality of life. In Boka Bay, you can bask in the beauty of nature, launch your yachting adventures and quickly access Greece, Croatia and the rest of the Mediterranean.

Split, Croatia

With over 500 km of Mediterranean coastline, Croatia is heaven for sea lovers. According to many, Split in Dalmatia has the best coastline in the country. Tucked in between the sea and the Mosor Mountains, this city has to offer something for everyone. Plus, housing in Split is quite affordable. Before you buy, you need a permit from the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but once you get it, you’ll be greeted with reasonable prices (which have been on the rise in recent years, though). While higher than in many Eastern European cities, the cost of life in Split is still very cheap when compared to Western Europe and the U.S.


Greece is definitely one of the most popular locations in the Mediterranean and it captures the heart of anyone who steps in this beautiful country. A huge number of retirees choose this destination every year. The perfect location in Greece depends greatly on your lifestyle and income, but there’s something for everyone. Buying properties with a waterfront view of the sea cost more, but living further inland can be quite affordable with many inexpensive flats and older homes. Another benefit of living in Greece is the cost of food which is minimal when compared to the United States and Western Europe.

Northern Cyprus

While Southern Cyprus is known for its wild parties and sky-high prices, the northern part of the island is a great place to live. It’s laid back, warm all year round and simply gorgeous. Even today, you can find well-priced properties and shop cheaply in local markets and stores. And the local bar, restaurant and club scene along the coast is still great. Also, English is widely spoken, so you can socialize and integrate easily while enjoying your Western way of life.

In the Mediterranean, your earnings will go farther, your lifestyle will be healthier and your healthcare will be much better than in the States or in Western Europe, so consider relocating to one of these gorgeous destinations and enjoy life to the fullest.

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