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The Islands of Tahiti

  • Written by Natalie Chandler

Secluded, Idyllic and Beautiful - Why These Little Known Islands Should Be On Your Wish List

The Islands of Tahiti encapsulate the picture-perfect and remote island holiday that many of us dream of. Beyond the famous islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Mo’orea lay more than 100 other islands just as beautiful, and begging to be explored.

Adding some of the lesser-known islands to your 2019 travel wish list (or just your travel bucket list generally) will certainly make it your most magnificent year yet…

One such island is Huahine, locally known as the ‘garden island’. It is a stunning mix of Polynesian landscape and local life, with endless possibilities to relax, it’s an island where you’ll feel the true magic Mana* and you’ll never want to leave. The island is enchanting and inspires visitors thanks to its mystery and seclusion. With the highest proportion of ancient Marae within The Islands of Tahiti on Huahine, as well as the ancient fishtraps that have surrounded the island for hundreds of years, the island is a magnificent blend of authentic culture mixed with environmentally respectful modern living. There’s also a wide range of activities to suit everyone’s desires, whether you choose to chill out, or whether you’re looking for a little adventure - Huahine offers everything you could wish for.

Rangiroa is simply idyllic. Situated an hour north of Tahiti and the second largest atoll in the world, from a birds eye view it looks like a jeweled necklace - and once on ground, it’s an absolute gem. With pastel pink and pillow soft sand on its 240 motus that surround the lagoon, the small areas of land glide into the crystal clear water, which is a natural aquarium and renowned for its breathtaking diving locations. If diving isn’t your forte, you can snorkel above the colourful corals, wade through the shallow water with friendly sharks and rays or picnic on an uninhabited atoll – you could even take a bottle of wine from Vin de Tahiti, the only winery on an atoll in the world which is found on Rangiroa. What’s more, Rangiroa means ‘endless skies’ and the views reflect just that - you’ll feel like you’re on a deserted island, which adds to the captivating atmosphere.

Tahiti is recognised by UNESCO for its unique environment and biosphere, and is a place where the evolution of natural resources and human activity has been harmonious and un-disruptive. Meaning ‘beautiful’ in Tahitian, Fakarava transforms the way visitors see the world, it opens your eyes to the true natural beauty that our planet can offer when left to its own peaceful evolution. With simple and charming accommodation in sync with the surroundings, guests can stay in beach bungalows or family pensions and can expect a very warm welcome from locals. Adding a beautiful charm to the surroundings, the atolls host magnificent archeological and architectural heritage - Fakarava features one of the first Catholic churches built in French Polynesian in 1874, in the tiny ancient village of Tetamanu.

Of the 118 Islands of Tahiti, each and every one has its own unique allurement. Whatever you may wish for from your 2019 holiday, you will find exactly what you’re looking for in French Polynesia.

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Explore Huahine : https://tahititourisme.com.au/en-au/islands/huahine-holidays/

Explore Rangiroa : https://tahititourisme.com.au/en-au/islands/rangiroa-holidays/

Explore Fakarava : https://tahititourisme.com.au/en-au/islands/fakarava-holidays/

Explore Tahiti Tourisme: http://tahititourisme.com.au / https://www.instagram.com/tahititourismau/

*Mana is the life force and spirit that surrounds The Islands of Tahiti.

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