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How Often Should I Update my Blog?

Many business owners and bloggers alike ask the same question and that is “how often should I update my blog?” It is very important to have a consistent blogging schedule, but you are probably wondering what that schedule should be. Should you be writing daily or a few times a week? Should you write once per week or once per month?

There are two types of posting styles and those are posting frequently and posting infrequently. If you post frequently then you are likely writing every day or more than three times per week. If you are posting infrequently, that would be once per week, twice per month or once per month.

Pros for Writing Frequently

When you have a new blog, writing a post daily will help you to quickly build up your content. When you have a following of loyal readers, they will tend to read your blog more and will visit it more often and this means a boost to your traffic. When you write more often for your blog it shows that you prioritize your blog, and this provides many great benefits for your blog. When you write more posts if helps you to connect with your viewers and readers and when you make a connection with the right person, they will share your content on social media, and this can increase your blog’s exposure substantially.

Cons of Writing Frequently

When you are constantly posting to your blog, the latest post that you make will not sit at the top for very long. This could have a serious impact on the number of shares and comments that a particular post receives. This means that some of your readers are going to completely miss some of the posts that you make. If you have email subscribers, they could become annoyed with the amount of updates and messages that they are receiving which might cause them to unsubscribe (if you send an email alert when you publish new content). When you write posts frequently it may have an impact on the quality of your writing. Also, if you post frequently, it could become problematic to find fresh topics to write about. If you are spending all your time writing you have much less time to promote your content which can have an impact on the growth of traffic to your blog.

Pros of Writing Infrequently

When you write infrequently, the quality of your writing will increase. Spending less time writing will provide you with more time to promote your posts before you create a new post, and this can have a positive effect on the traffic to your blog. Individual posts will be exposed longer, and this means that there is more opportunity for comments and social shares.

Cons of Writing Infrequently

When you write less often it can take quite a long time to fill up a blog with content. This can be a real problem when you are first starting off your blog. This makes it easy for your followers to forget about your blog because they are not seeing it. You can also forget about your blog because when you do not work on it that often it will fall by the wayside.

What Should You do?

Big blogs with massive followers have their own teams of writers that contribute content. These mega blogs do not have concerns about topic ideas, the quality of their blog posts or having time to promote the blog because they are concentrating on content. Certain niches are ripe for frequent updates because things are constantly changing. Some niches are better with fewer updates. Some topics can be turned into great content and that content can be promoted heavily. If there are only a few updates per month, that is fine too. Not every strategy works for every blog, so just because you see one blog doing something a certain way does not mean that you should do that too.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What is the niche focus of my blog and does that niche need constant updates?

  • How much time am I able to dedicate to writing for my blog every week?

  • What am I trying to achieve with my blog?

A blog is not going to become popular or die off depending on your updates. Your blog will start to get more visibility when you start to put more effort into it. The content that you create should be for your viewers and readers, not for Google. Write as much as you can, but do not lose your mind if you cannot do it as frequently as you would like. When your blog starts to become popular then you can sit back and see what the best course of action is for you, but until that time, there really is no right or wrong answer on how often you need to update your blog.

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