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Preparing Your Pool for the Summer: Here Is How

Getting ready for the upcoming summer season? It’s now time to get your pool ready for a fun and exciting swimming party. But, where do you start? Do you empty the pool and just start scrubbing? Or will you get a swimming pool cleaner to do all the work for you? Below are the ways in preparing your pool for the summer:

Drain Pool Water but Don’t Empty It

The first thing that you need to do is to drain the pool but never drain it because it might pop out of the ground. You still need to leave water that is low enough to enable you to go down the pool. After draining the water, you can start doing manual labor to prepare the swimming pool.

Get Started With Cleaning

There are various ways to start cleaning the pool in your backyard and one of these is to get the scrub and other cleaning materials. This is also the part where you can get creative and use DIY cleaning agents to remove the sticky debris from the pool.

Clean the Filters

To make sure that when you fill the pool again, the water is crystal clear and clean, backwash the filters. This is your guard against fine dust and dirt so ensuring that the same is clean will be beneficial for everyone who will jump into the pool.

Get Your Water Tested

Doing all the things by yourself is great but still, you need some help from professionals especially in testing your water. When talking about this, it means that you need to make sure that the water being pumped is clean enough to not get you and your family sick.

Vacuum the Floors

You also need to vacuum the floors and the most popular method right now is by using a robotic pool cleaner. This device will do the work even if the pool is filled with water. Aside from the vacuuming, this automatic pool cleaner will also filter the water and circulate the same for a better swimming experience.

Scrub the Pool Deck

To prevent slipping when getting in and out of the pool, you need to clean the pool decks by scrubbing them. There are a lot of products you can use in the market to make the sides of the pool squeaky clean and not slippery.

Put Chlorine and Balance the Water

Last but not least, you need to balance the water by throwing chlorine or other chemicals in the pool water. This will ensure that the latter is balanced enough and not too acidic to not give rashes and other diseases to everyone who will swim. Just follow the suggested amount of pool chemicals to put.

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