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The road to rehabilitation: tips for recovering after a workplace injury

Workplace injuries can happen to people in all industries. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, in hospitality, a factory or elsewhere - workplace injuries can take all of us by surprise.

Recovery after a workplace accident is dependent on the extent of the injury. However, it is important to look after yourself, remain positive and know your rights (this could mean contacting trusted lawyers in Canberra, Sydney or beyond).

Here are some tips for recovering physically, mentally and financially after a workplace accident.

  1. Look after yourself

Overexerting yourself at home will only prolong the injury and your time required to be at home. Workplace injuries vary in degrees of seriousness, but they generally require some downtime. Therefore, allow yourself to rest and relax, and only try to get back to exercise and strenuous activity when you are sure of it or have received the green light from your healthcare provider.

  1. Listen to your doctor

Your doctor is trained to help you get through this period as smoothly as possible and have you back at the workplace at full fitness. Therefore, it’s imperative that you listen to your doctor’s advice, whether it be resting for a certain period of the day, performing particular exercises to help with healing and circulation, taking a prescribed course of medication etc.

It is highly likely that your doctor has dealt with one or two similar situations like yours, and their advice exists to help you return to normality as soon as possible!

  1. Keep up the positivity

One of the biggest challenges of a workplace injury is allowing yourself to take the time to heal both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, many workers become discouraged if they feel their injury is taking longer to heal than they believe it should.

All injuries are different, but the main thing is to try to remain positive during this period of rehabilitation. Do the things you enjoy without overexerting yourself, surround yourself with friends and family and keep yourself occupied in this period. You may also be interested in taking up mindfulness exercises as these can help in the sedentary hours.

  1. Consider a plan b

If your injury is quite severe, and you cannot see yourself returning to the job in your previous capacity, it might be a good idea to consider a plan b. Perhaps this just means returning to the same workplace in a different capacity? Or, perhaps you might want to follow a completely different career path? Workplace injuries can seem like real hindrances, but they could actually be opening an exciting door for your future!

  1. Seek professional guidance

Just because you were injured at work doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to any compensation. Whilst WorkSafe can help secure your wages throughout the recovery period, you may be entitled to extra compensation depending on the nature of the accident.

The ACT Workers Compensation system is usually more general than other Australian states and territories, however this can make the process far more complex. The answer? Speaking to an experienced Canberra lawyer who can help you make a claim and secure the compensation you deserve.

It’s time to rest & get back to full health

Compensation and getting back to work aside, the most important thing now, and down the track, is your health. Take your time to rest, heal and be with loved ones. These are all important building blocks to getting back to full health, as much as they are important parts of life in general!

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