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Assembling the right birth team for you

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Having a baby is an incredible joy. A moment of pure emotion, of big feels and often of nerves and tension as well. But for most people, having a baby, or being present for the birth of a child, it is one of the highlights of their lives. It is a hugely significant event, so it goes without saying really that you want to be surrounded by your perfect team when the time comes to deliver. The big question though, especially for people who are giving birth for the first time, is who to have in the delivery room with you? The answer is that it is entirely up to you. Each person is different and has different hopes and desires. But here are some people you should probably consider.

Medical support

As much as you might not want to see your doctor during the delivery – or indeed even need them, it is hugely comforting to know that they are close by. Remember that when you are pregnant you are not sick. In fact, to get pregnant and carry a baby to term you actually need to be healthy. But there is scope for things to go wrong and it is here that the availability of a medical professional is vital. You will almost certainly have developed a relationship with a doctor in the build up to the delivery. If not, you need to sort that out. Obstetricians Brighton, Sydney or Melbourne are easy to find. Speak to friends or family who have recently delivered to find the name of a doctor that they recommend and start building a relationship.

Your partner

If you have a partner you almost certainly will want them present. For a father, or a partner who has never given birth themselves, watching a woman in labour can be a very stressful process. Cut them some slack if they feel faint or if they don’t know what to do. The reality is, they have no clue. They can see you there suffering through excruciating contractions and they don’t know what to do. Prep them though to encourage you. It is the best thing they can do. And with hindsight they will be thrilled to have been there at your site.


A midwife is a nurse who specializes in childbirth. There are many midwives who practice independently and who will encourage natural birth, or even home birth. The nice thing with a midwife is that, for a start it is nearly always a woman who has delivered children herself, but secondly, they tend to be slightly more patient focussed than doctors who are often more concerned with the medical elements of the delivery. There is nothing wrong with either of these approaches and it is generally good to have a balance between the two.

Additional support

Sometimes it is great to have a friendly face or some additional support present at delivery time. A mother or a sister are often good options. Your mother would definitely have gone through childbirth, which is always helpful, or if your sister has been there then maybe she is a good option. A doula is also an option and something to look into. Often unrecognized but a role that can be very important in the whole unfolding of the big day.

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Assembling the right birth team for you

Having a baby is an incredible joy. A moment of pure emotion, of big feels and often of nerves and tension as well. But for most people, having a ba... Read more