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16 Fertility Boosting Vitamins For Women Trying To Conceive

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Becoming a mom is the best part of a woman’s life. Getting pregnant needs planning and also requires the mother to be in good health to give birth to a healthy baby. Especially women need to take extra care as pregnancy is not something easy and needs an intake of supplements to boost fertility. Many women hover on what to consume and what not to consume to strengthen their reproductive system. So, here are 16 essential fertility boosting vitamins that all the expecting mothers can try out:

  1.    Vitamin D

Thinking of vitamin D, the very first thing that comes to your mind is sunlight which is a source of this particular vitamin. But you need to know that consumption of vitamin D can help in enhancing fertility. These vitamins help in boosting up the reproductive hormones and thus it is necessary for a woman to consume vitamin D rich products such as fishes namely tuna, salmon and mackerel. One can also opt for a walking session ton be exposed to the sun heat and can also consume cod liver oil for increasing the concentration of Vitamin D.

  1.    Iron

Deficiency of iron can make a woman anemic and can also affect the conception. Thus it is mandatory to ingest iron-rich foods which increase the fertility and blood level. Consumption of vegetable such as pumpkins, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli etc. can help in increasing the iron level in your body.

  1.    Multivitamin tablets

Gobbling multivitamin tablets is treated as an effective method to reduce the ovulation problems for women who are trying to conceive. Multivitamins keep you in good shape and also helps during the pregnancy period. One can easily order these tablets from Yes Wellness online store for reducing the ovulation issues.

  1.    Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in protecting the fertilized egg. During pregnancy cells can be damaged due to free radicals which further makes the body prone to acquiring infections, these vitamin E tablets can serve as an antioxidant to protect such free radicals from causing any damage to the cells. Peanut butter, hazelnuts, etc. can be taken to increase the amount of vitamin E in your body.

  1.    Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps in creating the right amount of balance in the progesterone hormone level and ensure a proper gap between the ovulation and menstrual period. It is beneficial to consume a banana, eggs, tuna fish, and leafy vegetables for a woman who is trying to conceive to boost the level of Vitamin B in her body.

  1.    Omega 3 acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are a must for women who are trying to conceive. It can help in increasing the flow of blood and for balancing the hormone levels. Post pregnancy, it also helps in brain development of the child. Chia seeds, cod liver oil, walnuts, herring fishes, etc. can be consumed for the intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

  1.    Vitus agnus castus

Also known as chaste tree berry, Vitus agnus castus is an herbal supplement that boosts fertility and increases the chances of getting pregnant. It enhances the reproductive health of a female and also gives relief from the menstrual pains that a woman undergoes during her menstrual cycle.

  1.    Coenzyme Q10

This fertility supplement can help cure infertility problems. Food such as fatty fish, meat and whole grains are rich in Coenzyme Q10 and thus should be consumed to overcome infertility related issues.

  1.    Folic acid

It is said that a woman who is trying to get pregnant in the near future should regularly consume a small amount of folic acid to initiate pregnancy. It nulls down any neural tube effect and is effective for prenatal care as well. A woman who is on the verge of getting pregnant can consume folic acid rich food such as citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and whole grains to boost fertility.

  1.    Zinc

Zinc also acts as an essential element to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Not only for females but it can also help the males for better sperm production rate. Intake of zinc rich products such as whole grains, lobsters, crabs, beans, etc. can help in the fertility aspects.

  1.    Beta carotene

Beta carotene acts as a hormone regulator to regulate the secretion of hormones. It can also prevent chances of miscarriage and strengthens the immune system of our body.

  1.    Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves at its best for women who suffer from excess ovulation problems. It provides them potential support and also increments the fertility rate.

  1.    Selenium

Selenium can be thought of as a protection agent and prevents miscarriages. It also prevents the fetus from acquiring any defects and is responsible for keeping the chromosomes intact in their structural aspect.

  1.    Calcium

Calcium is directly related to bone health, a woman who is pregnant needs to consume an ample amount of calcium as a prenatal formula as a growing fetus also needs calcium.

  1.    Magnesium

Magnesium also helps in improving fertility and for strengthening bone development in the baby.

  1.    Thiamine

Thiamine helps in the overall health of the mother which is a necessary factor for conceiving. To be in good health is necessary for getting pregnant and to give birth to a healthy baby. Also, it increases the rate of conception and maintains proper health of the heart and nervous system.

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