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Our Guide To The Best Restaurants In Europe

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When visiting Europe, you want to experience as much of the culture as you can. Whether this is by visiting some of the world-famous landmarks or even visiting some of the most world-famous restaurants, there are a number of experiences to be had when visiting Europe. So, before you begin to replace e111 and planning your next trip read on to see our guide to the best restaurants in Europe.

Mugaritz In Errenteria Spain

If you are looking for the very best of luxury food where a reservation is needed just to step through the door, then the Mugaritz in Spain is the perfect restaurant for you. Not only is their menu top secret but the location they pride themselves on balancing the fine line between art and culinary brilliance. If you are visiting this area of the world this summer, then this is the perfect place to book a reservation as this will be some of the best food you have tasted in your life.

The Ledbury, Notting Hill, London

Another amazing restaurant to visit when travelling around Europe is the Ledbury in Notting Hill. Not only is this restaurant in one of the most popular locations in London but it also has 2 Michelin stars to its name. With Brett Graham currently working as head chef in the establishment, the food that is available here must be eaten to truly believe it. Not only are there tasting menus for you and your family, but there is an extensive menu as well as a vegetarian menu to cater to every dietary requirement.

L’Arpège, Paris

If you want to visit one of the most amazing restaurants in Paris then this is the location for you. Not only does it play host to a packed house almost every night, but it is also home to one of the very best in the culinary world Alain Passard. With a number of amazing awards to his name as well as a number of restaurants under his belt, this highly talented chef is one of the best in the world at creating amazing flavours as well as creating art with every plate that leaves the kitchen.

Osteria Francescana

If you want a restaurant with a perfect combination of amazing seafood dishes and stable Italian meals, then this world-famous restaurant is a perfect choice. With a menu available for you and all the family, this is the perfect place to go when celebrating a special occasion. With head chef Massimo Bottura creating some of the best dishes every day you can be sure to have outstanding food from him and his team regardless of when you visit. This little slice of luxury is perfect for those looking for an authentic Italian dish cooked by one of the worlds best chefs. What more could you ask for?

Regardless of which European country you are visiting on your break, you can be sure that you will find one of the world’s best restaurants right in the heart of one of the worlds most famous European cities. Where will you begin?

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