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Top Eats in Dunedin

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As you travel New Zealand, you will discover many things. You will find that New Zealand is rich in gorgeous scenery and variety in landscapes. You’ll find as you travel in a motorhome hire New Zealand, that there is never a moment to be bored, because there is always so much to do.


As you travel in a motorhome hire New Zealand, you’ll also want to discover where the best eats are. If you’re planning on visiting Dunedin, you’ll want to make sure to enjoy the best that can be found in the way of food.


The following are just a few of the great restaurants to visit while visiting this historical city. From unique gourmet dishes to pastries, Latin-inspired meals, and Italian cuisine, there is something for every type of person in Dunedin.

There are several reasons why Plato deserves recognition. First of all, it’s location is hard to beat at the harbor front of Dunedin. A nice atmosphere is always a good thing to start off with, but what really gets people going is the food itself. Whether you love your seafood, or you want to try the desserts that former Plato guests tend to rave about, you can be sure that it won’t disappoint. Not only that, but the service at Plato is known to be “on-pointe,” so what are you waiting for? It’s a great spot for meals that belong with a glass of wine. Whether it’s date night or you simply want to “fancy things up,” Plato is the place for you.

Prohibition Smokehouse
If you love unique dishes, Prohibition Smokehouse is the ideal spot for you. It takes local produce and ingredients and adds flare, so that what may at first sound like a simple dish soon becomes a mouth-watering meal that you’ll want more of. From brisket to mussels, chicken, and crab cakes, there are so many protein rich meals to choose from, that meat lovers will have the time of their lives at this Dunedin favorite. It’s a place where creativity meets talent and where the menu is anything but boring. Are you ready to try it out?

Dog with Two Tails:
It may just be a café, but it’s not just any café. This café offers some great food and local craft beers that you’ll want to try. Whether you don’t have much time on your lunch break or want to get a quick bite, this no-fuss location is perfect for enjoying healthy yet delicious meals. It’s also a place where you can catch some live music every now and then. It’s certainly a favorite for locals and visitors alike. It’s also a great place to get to know both locals and tourists, so if you have some time to spare and a hungry stomach to feed, why not give the Dog with Two Tails a try? At worst, you’ll be eating at a restaurant with a very unique name. At best, you’ll actually really enjoy it.

Emerson’s Brewery:
Are you looking for a spot to celebrate with your mates? Emerson’s Brewery is a great option for you. Not only are there some great beers to try out, but the décor and ambiance is ideal, as well. Even though it could be considered a bar more than anything else, that doesn’t mean that the food isn’t good either. You’ll find that Emerson’s Brewery doesn’t disappoint in the drink or food department.

The Joyful Vegan:
You may not eat meat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy good food while in Dunedin. The Joyful Vegan is a favorite for vegans and vegetarians, and really anyone who gives the food a try. You can try anything from vegan wraps to burritos, burgers, soups, and more. While this isn’t a five-star restaurant, this vegan caravan is bound to make you want to come back for more.

There is something for every type of foodie in Dunedin. From great dining at Plato to delectable meals at Prohibition Smokehouse, there is plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a place to celebrate while in town or simply want to enjoy a meal out after being on the road for days, you can be sure that Dunedin won’t disappoint.


What is your favorite type of cuisine? Dunedin is sure to have it. While the above options are just a few of the local favorites, you can trust that there are many more restaurants that deserve a visit during your time in this lovely New Zealand city.


After many days of exploring and eating road trip food, your palate deserves to be spoiled. What better way to treat yourself than to fill up on some of the best eats in the city? Take a break from your motorhome hire New Zealand and enjoy trying something new.


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