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Traveler’s Guide To North Carolina: 7 Must-See Places

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Traveler’s Guide to North Carolina: 7 Must-See Places 

North Carolina is a state that can cater to everyone. Anyone coming here should be able to find something interesting to see, do and experience. This is a place of diverse nature, unparalleled beauty, and warm and welcoming people. As it has so much to offer, making a short traveler’s guide to North Carolina is not easy. Although we talked about some guidelines back in 2017 today we’ll add more depth to them. There is so much to list here that the choice seems almost impossible. However, here are a few things that travelers will appreciate having as a starting point for their exploration of North Carolina.

North Carolina has it all

North Carolina is a mixture of many different natural beauties and attractions. At the same time, it offers unparalleled views and activities in the Appalachian and Smoky Mountains. In the coastal region, it offers some fun in the sand in the Outer Banks. From swimming to hiking, skiing, and snowboarding any traveler here can have it all.

Visit a historic old Salem to keep in touch with the history of the area 

Alt tag: Old Salem street as a crucial part of the guide to North Carolina

However, whether just traveling as a tourist or moving in to enjoy the charm of the state every day keep in mind a few things. As experts from Next Stop Movers would advise, you should have your travels to North Carolina well-planned and organized. Do not leave anything to chance and consider some moving assistance and storage services. Having these planned and sorted out can help you a lot when settling in here and enjoying all North Carolina has to offer. So, let's start off this traveler’s guide to North Carolina with 7 must-see places here:

  • Old Salem
  • Ashville
  • Bald Head Island
  • Wilmington
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • The Outer Banks
  • Blue Ridge Parkway

Old Salem

Old Salem allows you to immerse yourself in the history of the area. The town is a living museum itself offering you a taste and glimpse into the past. There is a lot to be seen and heard about the rich history and heritage of the area. So, make sure to pay this town a visit, grab a souvenir, and pay a visit to the Visitors Center. Go some shopping and have a bite to eat. You won't regret a minute spent in Old Salem.


Known as America's quirkiest town Ashwill is a place to visit. Located on the Blue Ridge mountains this is a place of exceptional beauty and views. It is also known for its arts and quaint lifestyle. The town has a unique vibe and a lot of things to do. The most well know attraction is the Biltmore Estate. it is a mansion whose expensive ballrooms and priceless architecture are filled with 16th-century art. The artwork on display here is from Vanderbilt’s art collection. There is a lot more to the town that can be listed here.

As such Ashville is a place coveted and visited by people from around the world. However, if you find this Wuerky town after your taste you can consider settling in here. Just reach out to specialists that can handle your local move here and relax. Ashville will certainly accept you and welcome you to NC.

Bald Head Island

Have a new and interesting experience when traveling to Bald Head Island. You can reach the island via ferry or a private boat to pay a visit to this beautiful island. The trip to the island itself can be an interesting adventure. However, you can still spend a day here enjoying the nature of the island. You can cross it on foot or by bicycle. The island offers a 14-mile shoreline and a laid-back atmosphere that is great for some family fun in the sun and waves. You can also spend some time golfing or exploring the wildlife of the island. the island is notable for its turtle population that nests here. So, the island is the perfect place for an expedition and a day of relaxation on the beach.

The untamed beauty of the Rocky Mountains is an essential part of every good guide to North Carolina.

Alt tag: Forests in Rocky Mountains National park


Another place popular for TV shows is Wilmington. This great town offers some great beaches for visitors coming in. The most popular are Carolina, Kure, and Wrightsville. The town is also home to the North Carolina Aquarium and the battleship from WWI which is open to visitors. Also, you’ll find the best food here. This town is considered to be the most family-friendly in the US.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is simply a mast on every visit to North Carolina. Any visitor can find what after his after here. You can easily find accommodation in LaConte Lodge or you can opt to camp in one of many camping sites. Here you can experience some of the most beautiful nature in the US. The park provides a great hiking trail with incredibly beautiful views of forests and colorful wildflowers.

 If you are into adventure this is the place for you. You will have a lot of photo opportunities here. The wildlife, breathtaking views, and waterfalls along miles of hiking trails are just what the Smoky Mountains Park offers. This not only makes the area fit into the sustainable luxury travel trends but also a must-see place on your visit to North Carolina

The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a place made famous by a TV show. However, it is a place that is very much real and extremely beautiful. Its popularity is not only caused by its TV notoriety but also by its breathtaking beauty. The term is tied to a row of islands outside of the state's coastline. This is the perfect place to visit and spend some time on the beach and basking in the sun. Here you can pay a visit to Kitty Hawk one of the more popular destinations in the area. The town offers a lot to do as well as the historical stories of the Wrights brother's first flight here. The outer banks is a place that is great for enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful nature of North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Take a drive along the 469-mile roadway starting from Afton and ending on the border with Tenesesssee. This road is the most beautiful and is considered the favorite drive in America. Its best trait is that it offers some stunning views of the surrounding nature. It covers four regions Ridge, Plateau, Highlands, and Pisgah. Here you can experience some stunning foliage, rolling mountains, quaint farmlands, and endless beautiful ridgetop views. You can also enjoy the arts and culture of many small towns along the way. Let yourself immerse and engulfs in the history and natural beauty of the area. You can also do some motorcycling, hiking, camping, and fishing along the way.

Experience the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway   

Alt tag: Blue Ridge Parkway

Follow this guide to North Carolina

North Carolina is certainly a place with plenty to offer. It is a place of exceptional and diverse beauty and a great place to visit. With this in mind and a good and detailed guide to North Carolina consider paying a visit to this great place. You will find that there are plenty of reasons to not just visit their place but also consider moving and settling down in this beautiful state.

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