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Get out there! 5 awesome reasons to walk your dog

You know your dog loves a walk more than anything. It gives them the chance to expel all that pent-up energy, play at the park and even meet some other awesome dogs that they can become friends with!

But there are also plenty of reasons why it’s healthy for you and your doggo to go for a walk.

You already feel them well, you throw the ball around the yard, you’ve got the best dog insurance in Australia - here are five reasons why you’re doing the right thing by taking your dog for a regular walk.

  1. It’s just great for their health

An idle doggo can very quickly become an unhealthy doggo. Not only is a lack of walks bad for their cardiac health, but it can also lead to rapid weight gain, something that is bad for every part of your dog’s being!

Regular walks help your dog maintain a healthy weight as well as improve other functions such as bone/muscle strength and agility.

  1. They meet other doggies!

Dogs are social animals. We know this, as we know how affectionate they can be us, their loving owners! We also know that dogs are typically very social with other dogs, and absolutely love nothing more than getting down to the park or beach and meeting some old pals or some new companions.

Dogs having the opportunity to meet other dogs is actually very important for their mental health which, in turn, affects their physical health. So, don’t be afraid to take them down to a dog-centric public space and allow them to have a play (within reason, of course!).

  1. It’s good for your health

Dogs are basically little fitness friends, aren’t they? In the digital era, where people are more sedentary, one of the most important things us humans can do for our own health is to ensure that we are staying active, even if that means getting your dog out for a quick stroll around the block!

We should be aiming to take at least 10,000 steps a day, and luckily a walk with our dog, potentially combined with the day’s activities, is a pretty achievable way of reaching that figure.

  1. They love you for it

You want to have the very best relationship with your dog possible, right? Well, it goes without saying that creating this relationship involves taking your dog out for one of a dog’s all time favourite things - a walk!

Dogs truly appreciate people who do things for them: it’s not selfish, it’s just how they are, and they obviously reciprocate that love and affection with their owners, so it’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

  1. You can train them on their walks

There are so many different ways you can train your dog on their walk: teach them to stop at street crossings, teach them to play well with other dogs, teach them not to annoy other humans - you’ll see as you go!

Each dog requires different levels of training pertaining to what habits they appear to be forming, but taking them out on a walk to the park or beach is one of the best ways to see where they could use some extra assistance so that they don’t be a cheeky little doggo in the future.

Walking the dog is a fun, social and healthy exercise for both you and your pet. Don’t underestimate its importance - you will both be much healthier as a result.

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