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Safety first: the equipment that every traffic controller needs

Australian companies and government bodies take traffic safety very seriously. To ensure the safety of staff and individuals, Australian companies require high quality traffic control equipment to ensure a smooth, free flow of traffic.

Correct traffic management relies heavily on the right strategies and the tools to make it happen. So, what are these tools that make Aussie traffic run (mostly) pretty smoothly?

Whether you’re looking for traffic control equipment in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or beyond, here are three essentials of safe traffic management.

  1. Water filled barriers

Water filled barriers are some of the most effective tools in traffic control. Made from high quality, recyclable materials that actually absorb impact as opposed to deflect it, water filled barriers are a must for safe Aussie traffic control.

Their interlocking capabilities and sturdiness on the road make them a solid, reliable aspect of traffic management, and this is why they are so much more prevalent than your standard witch's hat or water barrel.

  1. Portable traffic signs & signals

The legendary lollipop man and woman is a symbol of Australian industry. Whether you’re driving through a busy city construction zone or past some country roadworks, you can’t mistake shouldn’t mistake) the fluro-draped traffic controller.

But they can’t do their jobs by waving their hands alone - this simply wouldn’t be safe practise. No, they require the right traffic signs and signals to ensure they can effectively relay information to drivers and colleagues alike! These are classic pieces of equipment like stop/slow signs that tell drivers when they can slowly pass the site or when they have to come to a complete halt.

Often, with roadworks, only one side of the road will be able to be passed, with oncoming traffic having to share that side of the road to go in opposing directions. This is where the simple, but incredibly effective, traffic sign comes into play.

  1. Traffic cones

It seems that Australia is a country in constant construction. Wherever you go, day and night, there is always a construction site that requires you to move safely through its zone. Sometimes, traffic controllers can’t be at two places at once, and traffic cones create an easy solution for motorists looking to safely pass through the zone without too many headaches.

Yes, we may have previously said that the traffic cone, or “witch’s hat”, may not be as effective when it comes to absorbing impact as the water filled barrier, but for smooth traffic guidance, the witch’s hat is a legend! Just set them up exactly where you need the traffic to pass and you (should) have a safe route for drivers to follow.

  1. Safety vests

Well, this is a no-brainer, really, especially as staff on all constructions and worksites typically have to wear them. However, it cannot be underestimated how important the safety vest is for the traffic controller. Imagine driving along and seeing a traffic controller in regular clothing - you would probably be a little bit confused and maybe even a little concerned.

The fluro vest is a must for Aussie construction sites and the same goes for traffic controllers - it helps motorists spot them with ease and creates a smoother, more efficient flow of traffic.

It all makes for a safe flow of traffic

Traffic control equipment is an essential aspect of Australian industry. Without it, we would probably have very confused and dangerous motorists not knowing exactly where they can and can’t drive - a bad situation for all, and one that we thankfully avoid with careful planning, quality staff and top class equipment.

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