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Game time: 5 awesome benefits of kids playing team sports

We Aussies all remember our days of kids sports. Milo Cricket, junior footy and having it out against other primary schools in the summer sun, some of the best childhood memories are easily that of playing team sports!

For this reason, installing the best kids basketball hoop and encouraging them to play this legendary sport is never a bad idea, especially when playing team sports carries so many outstanding benefits…

  1. Sociability

Whilst being at school is the ultimate way for kids to learn sociability, playing team sports is a fantastic way to teach this important life skill in a (let’s face it) more enjoyable environment! Kids often have more fun playing sports than they do learning about maths or science, and learning sociability in a fun and exciting environment creates a greater connotation with the idea of being social, something which is important for a child’s social skills growing into adulthood.

So, getting them to be a part of a team, one where they can meet a bunch of other kids and have a great time on the court (or field) is a great way for them to learn important social skills for now and going into the future.

  1. Teamwork

The ability to work as part of a team is one of the most important skills an adult can have, especially when it comes to professional life. One of the best ways a child can learn to work as part of a team is through playing team sports. One of the great lessons learnt through playing team sports is that it’s simply not all about you, and that you have to work with others to reach a common goal (in this case, winning the big game!).

There is no better way to learn this lesson in teamwork than by joining a team in your youth, where you can have a coach who already knows the importance of working together to reach that common goal, something that will carry on into adulthood!

  1. Confidence

Confidence is one of the ultimate life skills that can be learned through playing team sports. Not only will your child become more confident through the social aspect of being part of a team, but their achievements and victories will help bolster their self-esteem growing into their teens and into adulthood. The confidence that comes from not only being part of a multi-weekday event - as well as from learning a new skill like basketball - cannot be surpassed in childhood.

  1. Compassion

Teammates can’t leave each other behind, nor can they let them stay down if the game isn’t going their way. Learning compassion is one of the lesser known skills found in playing team sports, as the kids have to learn quickly to look out for each other, whether it’s through an injury, a loss or an unfortunate mistake made on the court. Compassion is one of the great life skills to take into adult relationships, professional situations and more, and the court is one of the ultimate places for kids to learn this vital skill!

  1. Fitness

And, obviously, the fitness aspect cannot be overlooked. Kids don’t get fit sitting around playing COD, and with childhood obesity at all time highs, it is super important for kids to get out onto the court and keep active. What’s more, they will take their interest in sports into older age, just as we did with junior football, little aths, swimming - whatever sport and great time it was that we too have carried into adulthood!

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