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An astonishingly, large part of the Australia population are overweight. Adults and children are often seen walking along with a fat face. While it is becoming socially unacceptable to shame fat people, it is important for people to recognise that being overweight is not normal. Do you ever see an old fat person ? Probably not, because they tend to die early from self inflicted preventable health conditions.

As my family doctor said, "We will all die but there is no point in hurrying things along"

Losing weight is said to be founded on two principles. The first is "Move more". The second is "Eat less"

Eat less is a little misleading and it could be "Eat better!"

That is where changing the amount of food or the portion sizes that we consume, to match energy expended each day will work. The human body saves up energy as fat and liquid energy sources in many parts of the body. That extra mass bloats people all over their body. When people lose weight, it is as though fat cells are shed from everywhere like peeling an onion.

Using the stored energy without replacing it with daily food, will cause a loss of weight in most people. Froothie has a range of products that will enable everyone to prepare natural foods or "whole foods" that are healthy and enjoyable unlike junk food that has been processed for long term storage.

Eating well does not have to mean eating boring! Explore the natural food preparation products with the special Rain Check Froothie offers.

About Froothie

Froothie is one of the fastest growing brands for healthy living worldwide, with over 100,000 Facebook followers and growing, we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of the incredibly successful Optimum high-speed vortex blenders and revolutionary juicers.

Froothie is now operating in over 20 countries and our international global presence continues to grow at an exponential rate. Froothie is fastly becoming one of the world’s largest distributors of quality kitchen appliances.

As a company, Froothie’s goal is simple: Helping people lead a happier, healthier life. We share our knowledge and information for healthy living through workshops, YouTube videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/FroothieTV), ambassador blogs and various media channels. All while providing a quality range of appliances for domestic and commercial use. 

Our focus has always been quality, and the longevity and performance of our products are indisputable. Our exclusive supplier (Optimum Appliances Pty Ltd) strives to ensure that each part used in every appliance is assembled to perfection, using the highest-quality material available. 

The Optimum High-Speed Vortex blenders are recognised as one of the leading global brands for durable high speed Vortex blenders for both domestic and commercial use. The Optimum 9400 has gained international praise from chefs and food enthusiasts as a great-quality product designed to outlast and outperform competing brands. The Optimum 9400 is rated #1 by Choice Australia (Along with Vitamix) and Product Review Australia, and is our most popular model.

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