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Classic style: 4 reasons why canvas prints are a household must

Canvas prints are the most elegant and stylish way to optimise a space’s aesthetic. Regardless of the room, these contemporary design classics can be used to display favourite photos, artwork, motivational quotes and more.

But why are beautiful canvas prints so popular in Australian households? What is it about them that makes them such a desired display style?

Let’s find out below:

But first, the difference between canvas and prints

If you’ve been seeking the answer to which is the ultimate option, we’re here to answer it once and for all. The ultimate difference between the two is that the surfaces you impose the image on are different. Art style is typically made with paper, while its alternative is printed on (obviously) canvas!

It’s quite important to note that the frame doesn’t show through a stretched image, as these high quality products are stretched out on quality materials that don’t allow for the frame to be seen bordering the image. Instead, you will have a flat, stunning aesthetic, and one that displays nothing of a bulky frame coming through the image’s border.

And now that we’ve cleared that up, what exactly are the key benefits of these designs?

  1. They are highly durable

These designs are made to last a very long time. Conversely, dust, humidity and other elements can easily reduce a framed photograph’s quality, thus potentially rendering them unviewable after some time.

This durable, robust material projects images with high quality ink, with a style and flare that will last many years. You might want to clean your images once a week with a dry cloth, as this will help maintain their integrity and keep off any unwanted dust and debris.

  1. They are glare free

Framed images look stunning in well-lit rooms, but in rooms with glare or direct sunlight, they really start to falter. The image is often reflective or provides an unwanted glare, which can turn your eyes away from the image and even impede on the image’s quality.

Conversely, the modern alternative is made with a matte or satin finish which is perfect for hanging up in any room, regardless of sun or glare exposure.

  1. They provide a 3D effect

These stunning modern designs stand out in any room you find them, attributed largely to their 3D effect and in comparison to outdated, flat frames. Beautiful canvas prints immediately grab the viewer’s attention, as this 3D styling is perfect for placing as a room centrepiece!

  1. They are easy to transport

In older times, transporting your favourite images or paintings could be a real drag. There would be nothing worse than arriving at your new home having done everything possible to secure your favourite framed painting only to discover it had still smashed somewhere between the old and new house.

Conversely, this ultra lightweight, modern design only needs to be securely covered to ensure it won’t go tearing up on the move. You won’t have to worry about that frustrating (and costly) moment you open the packaging only to spill glass shards all over the floor - this style is made for the move.

With so many benefits attributed to displaying your favourite imagery in this style, it’s easy to see why so many Australian homeowners are using them instead of the outdated alternative. Try something new with a style that is sure to catch the viewer’s attention whilst maintaining its longevity for many years to come!

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