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How to Plan the Ultimate Bucks Night

Are you having the honours of being a best man to your life-long friend? If you have, then you know how big a responsibility that is. Not only will you be his eternal support, but you’ll have to make sure he has the most unforgettable buck’s night before he ties the knot. Don’t worry, we’ll lead you through the process and make sure you know exactly where to start and how to throw the groom a party that nobody will be able to stop talking about for months.

Pick up the guest list from the groom

First thing's first – you need to make sure you know who's participating in the party planning. Let your groom know that he's only in charge of making the guest list with everyone's phone number and email address. That way, you can let everyone know about all the crucial info and any details during planning. Remind him that he maybe wants to include his and the bride's father in the party too. Granted, they shouldn't attend the entire event and see you get drunk and rascal all over Gold Coast, but they can still be there for drinks, dinner and early night schmoozing.

Take your time to choose the date and place

Bachelor parties usually take place between one and four months before the wedding. It's been shown that two to four weeks before the big day is the best time to enjoy the last night as a single guy because the memories of the party are still fresh and you'll have the feeling that you partied just a few nights ago. Create a poll in your group chat, with all the dates that the groom approved, and vote on the best date for everyone. Once that's settled, browse through Gold Coast casinos, bars, hotels, or some private venues in Australia where you maybe want to throw an intimate party.

Don’t forget the entertainment

What’s a party with quality entertainment, right? To make sure you all have the time of your lives, spice the party up a little and hire some exotic dancers, strippers or topless waitresses. You can find the best Gold Coast Strippers Australia wide and offer all the groomsmen the best night they’ve had in a long time. You can also plan a few games that all of you can play. Think about games such as The Fake Moustache, The Backfire or The Ugly Selfie.

Plan everything around the groom's wishes

Let's not forget that all of this is happening because of the groom. Therefore, you need to constantly keep his wishes in mind during planning. What food he likes, what drinks he indulge in, what's music he'll most likely dance to during the party, and so on. No matter how inspired you may get with venue options, game choices and everything else, you need to keep asking yourself whether that's something the groom will enjoy or not. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to ask and discover a tiny portion of the party than to disappoint the groom and have him not enjoy his night to the fullest.

Don’t let him pay for anything

One of the most important aspects of a successful bucks night is that you must not let the groom-to-be pay for anything. That is his big night, and all the groomsmen need to participate in funding it equally. The only exception you can make is if he insists you go on a road trip across Australia and wants to rent a private venue or book your hotel rooms so that you can pay for food, drinks, strippers and other forms of entertainment.

Planning a buck’s night doesn’t have to be daunting. All you need to do is make everyone cooperate and keep the groom-to-be’s wishes in mind while you plan all the details. Once that's settled, you need to gather everyone and have the time of your lives.

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