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Advantages of outdoor sport, while taking care of yourself

Australia is in an exceptional situation. In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, the infection data is way better than in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia. The main task remains to be careful and to follow the recommendations of experts and governments. 

Now, health and reducing the levels of contagion are the most important thing. The responsibility and efforts of the Aussie has so far made it possible to gradually relax the government's measures. After strict isolation, it has been possible to evolve from straight up confinement to an administrative isolation of sorts in a short time. All this has allowed for a certain liberalisation and reactivation of the mobilisation and economy of the zones. 

But the danger of contagion persists and it is now important to remember this. So every day there is news from the government with new communications. The government is allowing more and more people to go out only for what is necessary, essential jobs, small leisure walks, reopening of small local shops... More and more things are being allowed, and there is still a long way to go to return to the normality that existed before this whole situation. Big meetings, shopping centres, parks, concerts, meetings with Gold Coast escorts...

It is impossible to keep a whole country at a standstill without leaving home. Everyone has a series of needs. For example, an escort who skipped quarantine in Ireland to provide services in a caravan. She confessed that she attended up to seven men every hour. And there are many others like her in other countries who continue offering face-to-face services. Such as the escorts in Wellington with whom you can enjoy pleasant company legally and who are a great temptation for many.

That is why, depending on the amount of population in each urban centre, different measures and controls will be adopted by the local government. Going for a walk, clearing one's head, stretching one's legs, feeling the air on one's face... But depending on the area not meeting up with neighbours or close friends, avoiding the recommended social distancing. In the same way as it has been the case with the first outings in other parts of the world. In these cases, there is a risk of increased contagion and a risk of being forced into a stricter quarantine, which is a step backwards.

It is true that physical contact, hugs, kisses and even sex are missed by many. This is natural and understandable for all human beings. But we will have to wait a bit to visit our partner, a friend with benefits or that special escort in Milton. What is important now is one's own health, taking care of oneself and one's loved ones. If you are really in need, you can always resort to online self-pleasure.

Because these days only those sports that can be practised individually and without contact are worthwhile. Exercises that help to maintain muscle tone, burn calories, expend energy and activate the body and mind. It even helps to sleep better at night, now that everything has turned upside down.

A relief from the situation that helps to reduce the anxiety produced by quarantine and COVID-19. Much needed to stay healthy, regain some freedom and leave the four walls of the house and the confinement. Put on your headphones, put on some music and start walking. Use a mask and keep two metres away from the rest of the people are just some of the recommendations. In addition to washing your hands and disinfecting them well when you return home. Especially if you are part of or live with part of the population considered to be at risk.

A first step towards total freedom. Take the opportunity to take a deep breath, stop thinking about the number of people infected worldwide and stretch. Taking advantage of all the benefits of sport and exercise, both physical and mental, so important in times like the ones the whole world is going through now. And during harsh seasons, don't stop venturing the outdoors and engaging in sports through gadgets like golf simulators and other virtual games.

Little by little the different sectors are reactivating. They are getting back to work, reopening businesses and even the lotteries and racecourses without spectators seem to be close to resuming their initial activity. Light is appearing at the end of the tunnel.

To be able to continue to make the quarantine more flexible, increasing the freedom of the population. An opportunity to show what Australia’s society is capable of. Its respect, its responsibility but above all its capacity to unite against this virus and emerge victorious.

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