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How to create an office that works

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Creating the perfect office is something that has probably never been done. Without a doubt there are lots of people who like their workspace and who think that they work in the best office in their town or city. But that still doesn’t mean that their offices are perfect. Or that they work for everyone. We have all heard the stories of Google’s offices and how incredible they are with chill spaces and free food and games rooms and so on. But for everyone who thinks beanbags and free chai is the answer to a perfect workspace, there is somebody else who will come back and say that a perfect workspace is their bedroom or something that is well ventilated and light. In short, everyone has a different opinion about what constitutes the perfect working environment, and you will never be able to satisfy all the people all the time. So just focus on getting the basics right. Here are a few pointers you might want to consider.

Work with experts

If you want your office to feel like a truly professional space, then make sure that it is assembled by professionals. If you do it all yourself it will probably come across as quite amateur and clumsy. You don’t want to transfer that attitude to the work space. Rather find a company who specialises in commercial fitouts Sydney has a number of experts in this realm – so too do most of the other major Australian cities. Without a doubt you need to be giving your input on the feel that you want to create, but let the experts make it happen.


Make sure that when you pick the location for your office that it is easy to access for all staff. In other words, there should be ample parking for those who drive, and it should be close to public transport nodes for those who commute. Long walks or expensive taxi rides are not great for your staff or for clients who might be coming to visit. If your offices are out of town or not so easy to access, then make allowances for this in terms of people being late and struggling with traffic. Remember that you might have to pay slightly more rental for premises closer to rail and bus networks, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Inclusive destination

Always strive to keep your staff at the office. In other words, provide them with the things that might otherwise remove them from the premises. Here we are talking about items like coffee and snacks. Vending machines are a great way to keep people focussed and on the job for longer. They can also be a handy way to make a few extra dollars on the side. But, in short, look to design an office that fulfils all the requirements your staff might have on a daily basis. The less they are forced to exit the building and gad about, the better it is for you.

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