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There are tonnes of trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and events that you could attend on an annual basis. Look out for those that fit into your business model, the geography you operate in and the budget that you have. As with most things, the more expensive it is to exhibit, the bigger, more well-known and the better the event should be.

The event organisers will have a list of exhibition stand builders available, people who can help you figure out a funky, fun, engaging and exciting stand that people want to come to. There are many different designs and layouts that you can use and they’re able to listen to your ideas and concepts and come up with something that works specifically for you. Something unique and original and different, something that catches people’s attention. Don’t overlook this very important part of the event. Without it, you will be lost in a sea of vendors and exhibitionists and be in their shadow. Be that stand that people remember and comment on

Brand building

Make sure you look, and feel are well thought through, there are several people who will not be familiar with your brand and so you need to make sure that first impressions last. Events like these give you the opportunity to expose your brand to loads of new people. Often the events are on an invitation basis only, and so you know that the right people will be attending the event. It also provides an opportunity to cast your net a little wider. There will be some people attending for purposes indirect to what you have to offer and who may discover or come across you and your company by prowling the stands and perusing their offerings


Part of the advantages of attending an event that is organised by specialists in the field is that they will be doing their own marketing to ensure there is attendance. So, you will benefit by having a huge amount of marketing done on your behalf as a bonus to the value offering. Try to speak to the marketers to find out how to maximise this. Sometimes they will do small interviews with some of the companies and press releases building up to the event or even after the event. This is a great way to get your company name out there without it costing you more money. However, I’m sure they also offer some packages that you could pay for if you want to have bigger and more formal marketing included in the event.


While often quite exhausting, they are great fun. With social lunches and delegate dinners, you will have plenty of time to interact with others. Be prepared to be slightly sleep-deprived during the conference, but you can rest afterward. Give it everything that you have while the event is running, it is well worth your time. Networking helps grow new business opportunities, build brand familiarity and awareness and provide a platform for new networks and relationships.

Rain Check Magazine

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