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While relocating cities can be daunting, it also has the capacity to be fun and exciting, loaded with anticipation of all the new and exciting opportunities waiting for you. Moving is however always very stressful and exhausting regardless of your reasons for having to move. People move for many reasons, it could be for work or family or, as is becoming quite common, for a change of lifestyle. In this regard, the seaside town of Wollongong is proving a very popular choice as people seek to relocate from the big cities and their expensive costs of living to smaller places that still offer an excellent quality of life.

What to remember when moving

Find a reputable removalist company by searching for a phrase like ‘removalists Sydney to Wollongong’. They will be able to offer you different packages depending on your budget and needs. If you’re wanting to put things temporarily in storage, they can offer extra storage and include a stop along the route to offload. You may also want to share a truck with other people moving. This means though that you will have to wait for the company to gather a few other clients going in the same direction before they can book to come to you. But if you don’t mind being on a waiting list, this is a good money saver.

Think about insurance

If budget allows, you can also pay for your items to be packed for you and pay for precious or fragile things to be professionally wrapped. Keep in mind insurance cover, there may be insurance included already in the service, but there will be an option for paying additional insurance to cover you if something goes horribly wrong

Fun things to do in Wollongong

Wollongong is a good place to consider as a lifestyle choice because of its proximity to the beach and lovely weather. It is a very outdoors and active city but if you enjoy the more cultural experience you will find these too. There are a lot of different societies to join that cater to different interests and hobbies. Wollongong has great surfing beaches and rock pools to snorkel in. There are forests to hike or mountain bike in and cliff faces where you can go rock climbing or go hang gliding. In the south there is a Buddhist temple of Nan Tien and there is the large Lake Illawarra which offers various boating and fishing facilities. Wollongong also has a recreation theme park called Jamberoo which is one of the largest in the province

Interesting facts of Wollongong

Situated approximately 80 km from Sydney along the gold coast, Wollongong has a rich heritage and story to tell. Colloquially referred to as ‘the gong’, the origination of the name Wollongong is an Aboriginal word based on the word woolyungah, which translates literally to ‘five islands’. Archaeologists have evidence that puts people living in the area for 40 000 years. With a history of mining, the harbour serves as a big port industry manufacturing textiles and shipping iron, steel, and copper. Wollongong is surrounded by either the sea, lakes, lagoons, forests and cliffs which gives it great appeal for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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