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For all homeowners there are two priorities when it comes to their property. The first is making the house liveable and comfortable. The second is adding value to the property to ensure that it's capital value increases. Doing the former is easy – you simply fill it with the things that you like, stock it with memories and make it yours. The latter angle is slightly harder as it tends to cost a lot of money to add value. But this doesn’t always need to be the case, there are some quick cheats that can help you to add big value while not really requiring a huge investment in terms of time or money. Here are a few tips to set you on your way.


First impressions count

The first thing that somebody will see when entering your property is the front door. Make a plan to use the entrance to make a real statement about what lies inside. Nothing flimsy or hardware store basic, rather look for a place that will sell solid timber doors Sydney has a few places that should be able to tick the boxes for you. A solid wood door sends a statement – it is powerful and stylish and secure. It feels substantial and that is the message that you will be sending about what lies behind the door. Naturally it is also a good security feature as a real timber door is not easy for home-invaders to get through.


Landscape the garden

We said earlier that you only get one chance to make a first impression and we suggested that the best place to do this was at the front door. The truth is that the one place that will be seen before the front door is reached is the front garden. So, spend a little time and money to make this something special. You can do the labour and the planting, but it might well be worthwhile getting the assistance of a landscaper to help you with the layout. A garden that has been well designed and tended is a feature that costs surprisingly little, but which adds great value to the property.



Add a splash or two of paint to a wall here or there. While painting the whole house is always an option, this can be very expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. But creating a feature wall somewhere nice and prominent is a great way to brighten things up and create a vibrant and different feel. Having all the walls painted in the same colour (most people tend to opt for a shade of white), is clinical and not very inspiring. Be bold and decorate inside with flair and boldness – it can’t help to make a good impression.


The smell of love

It is a trick that is used by many wily estate agents, and it is one that you should not be afraid to use when you are having the evaluator over. Bake bread or a cake. The smell is evocative of it has been shown time repeatedly to help elicit good offers from buyers. If your home smells right when the bank comes for a visit it will almost certainly help to see your real estate priced higher than if it smelled rank or musty. Give it a try, what have you got to lose.

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