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Health & aesthetic: 5 reasons you might need dental implants

  • Written by NewsServices.com

Cosmetic dental implants may have “cosmetic” in their title but they actually provide a range of health benefits, too. There are numerous reasons why you might want to receive dental implants, especially if you have missing teeth, as dental implants can help the mouth’s appearance and health.

Here are five reasons why you should consider dental implants:

  1. They can improve your mouth’s aesthetic

One of the main reasons people choose to get dental implants is because of the way they can improve your mouth’s aesthetic. If you have missing teeth or gaps in your teeth then dental implants can improve the aesthetic. There are numerous benefits that come with this, including improved self-confidence and self-esteem from feeling more comfortable with your smile.

Dental implants are often chosen for their amazing similarities to actual teeth. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all different mouth configurations. Not only this, but dental implants can even match your pre-existing teeths’ colour, ensuring no one will be able to tell the difference between the two!

  1. They can enhance comfort & usability

Dental implants are typically seen as the best tooth replacement solution available and one that is largely free of side effects. Dental implants patients often say that they find daily tasks such as eating and speaking far more comfortable than when they had the missing teeth, and that they don’t feel as inclined to tongue the area surrounding the (previously) missing tooth.

What’s more, dental implants allow recipients to bite down on food with the same amount of force as if they had a natural tooth in its place, making eating foods that might have otherwise been difficult to consume quite easy.

  1. They are incredibly durable

Implants are potentially one of the most durable tooth replacement solutions in the industry. Dental implants are not removable and are a permanent solution for missing teeth, this means you don’t have to be taking them out at night and putting them back in once the morning comes etc.

What’s more, when properly cared for dental implants are incredibly durable. If you want to trust that your tooth replacement solution is long-lasting and has you covered for some time, dental implants could be perfect for you.

  1. They can improve your bone health

Losing a tooth often leads to bone loss, too. This is because the bones in your teeth are living organisms that have to keep working in order to stay healthy and rebuild themselves. Losing a tooth makes the bone resorb itself and degenerate, thus weakening and deteriorating the bone which in turn can make your face look more sunken and can make your jaw weaker.

The titanium root that comprises a dental implant is placed into your jawbone with a crown that looks like an actual tooth. Therefore, dental implants work just like actual teeth in how they can stimulate bone growth. This, therefore, makes dental implants one of the ultimate ways to prevent bone loss when you have already lost a tooth.

  1. It’s just better for oral health

At the end of the day, it’s not really a good idea to allow a missing tooth to continue for too long. The problems that can form from allowing bone to deteriorate can be quite unpleasant, making it important to firm up the face with something like a high quality dental implant.

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