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  • Written by Greg Rogers

Scrub Daddy America’s Favourite Sponge is in Australia

He’s bright. He’s happy. He’s hardworking and he’s the best selling product from Shark Tank EVER!

This is Scrub Daddy and he’s just arrived in Australia. We tried out a free sponge sent to us by CARL PRONTI the Marketing Manager at EVO Lifestyle Products which is based in Sydney.

First impressions.

This pale yellow synthetic sponge is a circle that is about the size of the palm of an average sized person. It is very strong and course in texture with wide open pores, which will make it fast to dry.

With adequate cleaning, it will last a long time without it breaking down due to decay of the core material.

Health and safety

This is not a "Loofah" like soft sponge to use on your skin ! It is for cleaning anything but a human body as it is tough and has an aggressive membrane structure that grabs on to what it is required to clean.


We used the Scrub Daddy in the bathroom on chrome, porcelain and plastic surfaces with not particularly strong household chemicals. It also took care of fatty grime and sludge on the kitchen sink very nicely without much detergent in warm water.

Whenever we used the sponge it removed what it was supposed to remove easily. It certainly performs better than soft sponges that break down, harbour odours and are hard to clean out. Soft sponges need to be thrown away very quickly BUT Scrub Daddy will last a long time.

Scrub Daddy is very easy to clean due to its open pore structure and the durability material that it is made from.

The hype about this thing is right. Everyone who has to clean something should buy one.

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