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For most people a motor vehicle is prized asset and one of the most expensive purchases that they will ever make. Indeed, many people need to take out a loan or obtain financing to purchase their car, such is the scale of the cost. So, it goes without saying then, that looking after the car and turning it into the ride that you always dreamed of having is something that you will want to do. But short of actually buying your dream car, how can you go about taking your purchase and modifying it and tweaking it to ensure that it becomes the ride that you want. Here are some simple modifications and adjustments that you can make yourself without having to shall out a fortune.


Power Up

The clutch is a very important component in a car as it essentially connects the engine to the wheels. It is a complicated piece of equipment that can be switched out quite easily. This is particularly something you might want to do if you have bought a second-hand car and you feel that it is underpowered. If you have never performed this procedure before, look at some tutorials on YouTube. Once you feel like you understand the process search online for something like ‘Toyota 86 clutch’. This will lead you to a place where you can buy the kit for your make and model of car and thereafter it is easy. You have powered up and you are on your way to an improved ride.



If you are artistically inclined, then you might want to consider a paint job. Perhaps this is a full respray of the car to make it completely bespoke, or maybe you just want to add some design elements to an already cool colour – we are thinking flames down the side or something along those lines. If you have the ability to spray the car yourself then don’t hold back, there is nothing better than not having to hunt for your white car in a carpark that is brim full of white vehicles. If all you can do is the design, that is not a bad place to be in – it is still about stamping your personality onto your ride.



Fitting a nice sound system is a job that almost anyone can do. It will definitely require a degree of planning and perhaps some more online tutorials or advice from a friend who has done it, but it will be worthwhile. Factory fitted sound systems tend to be very lacking in most departments. But add your own amplifier and some proper speakers, reinforce the speaker mountings and suddenly you are on the way to creating the party in your car and to be the envy of every music lover on the road.


Interior styling

This really is a simple procedure and something that anyone can do. You know what you like and what looks good to you. So, visit the parts shop and buy some accessories for the inside of your car. We are talking seat covers and air-fresheners and steering-wheel covers and floor mats and such like. The options are almost endless. Know your budget and buy a few things that will turn the interior of your car into a paradise that will have all your passengers talking.

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